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Kaltis, the future has a name

About Kaltis® International

Kaltis® is a manufacturer of refrigeration products, with a 25 year track record of product excellence. We specialize in a range of state of the art, chest and upright, Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, which offer some unique operating features, long term reliability and minimal maintenance costs. Our product range consists of 9 models, in two product ranges. All models offer space saving, are energy efficient, quiet and dependable.

We design, develop and manufacture in house, advanced ULT refrigeration systems capable of temperatures, regardless of environmental conditions. Because Kaltis® only manufactures ULT freezers; we focus on innovation and quality, utilizing the latest technologies to guarantee reliable, environmentally friendly products.

Kaltis® uses a cascade refrigeration system with two environmentally friendly refrigerants for the high cascade and low cascade systems. Both refrigerants are available worldwide. Our proprietary lubrication systems ensure maximum miscibility and stability of refrigerant. flow, maximizing heat removal from the sample storage chamber. Kaltis® uses a custom designed capillary system which controls the flow of liquid-state refrigerant into the evaporator surrounding the storage area. A carefully controlled pressure and temperature drop is achieved ensuring even cooling over the entire chamber.

Our freezers tolerate voltage fluctuations, high ambient temperatures and heavy traffic in and out of the freezer and are designed to perform in demanding environments.

Both low and high cascade compressors feature a high compression rate, low noise and vibration, ensuring ultra quiet running. The compressors high efficiency : horsepower ratio provides the maximum gas displacement / hp, ensuring maximum refrigeration efficiency at low energy consumption. Our compressors are industrial grade units which, like the refrigerants, are available all over the world, reducing your dependency on proprietary products, reducing maintenance costs.

Our custom designed high cascade evaporator provides a large heat exchange area, efficiently removing heat from the low cascade system. The wide radius coils and configuration of the low cascade system allows for smooth refrigerant

Our freezers comply with CE and UL safety and performance standards and only CFC-free refrigerants, and recyclable, reusable insulation and packaging are used.

ISO-9001CE markISO

Our freezers are backed by a full range of accessories and inventory systems for all your requirements

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